Hatha Yoga for Every Body not just Girlies..

breathe, stretch and find your inner warrior; it's all yoga darling...

Hatha Yoga for Every Body not just Girlies..

Yoga traces its roots back 5,000 years to an ancient body of knowledge, wisdom and philosophy in India. It is both a practice and an experience; a discipline that seeks to cultivate the authentic unity of mind, body and spirit.  There is a lot more to yoga than contorting the body and holding the breath!

The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit language and loosely translated it means “union” or “oneness”.  The practice of yoga traditionally involves physical, mental and spiritual disciplines with the aim of coordinating the mind, body and breath, in order to promote harmony and wholeness. The experience of yoga is that satisfying feeling of unity and integration, health and dynamic wellbeing, when the whole of ourselves is in balance.

The evolution and development of yoga, from the ancient vedic period in India to the present day, is a fascinating and complex story that continues to unfold as yoga seeks to meet the needs of contemporary society.  In a world where the pace of life is increasingly frenetic, finding a place of harmony is increasingly necessary. There are many different routes to that place of balance and integration. Likewise, there are many different types of yoga; I teach and practice hatha yoga in a classic style of what has come to be known as "modern postural yoga".

Hatha yoga, is the most widely taught form of yoga in the west.  Hatha yoga classes teach physical postures to stretch, strengthen and flex the body (asanas), exercises to develop breath awareness and control (pranayama), relaxation and meditation. Hatha yoga is non-competitive, beneficial for everyone and can be practiced by all, regardless of age or size and whether fit, bendy or flexibly challenged!

Fit, Fun, Fexible and Beautifully YOU

I could wax lyrical about the benefits of yoga but that would just be boring. Suffice to say that the combination of physical exercise, breath control and relaxation develops flexibility, muscle tone and strength in the body, clarity and focus in the mind, and brings with it an overall feeling of increased wellbeing, balance and harmony.

People practicing yoga frequently report:

* increased energy & stamina
* improved posture
* improvements in joint mobility
* increased fitness
* increased concentration
* reduced anxiety & depression
* improved quality of sleep
* increased self esteem

Hatha yoga is an all over body and mind workout: and best of all – anyone can do it!

Don't Just Take my Word for It

Everywhere you look these days people seem to be talking about the benefits of yoga, but for something a bit more concrete than just talk:

A recent study conducted by the British Wheel of Yoga in collaboration with Sheffield University found that yoga is significantly beneficial for overall health. To read more visit the British Wheel of Yoga website http://www.bwy.org.uk

So; are you ready to start stretching?
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‘So much more than I expected’

Gillian has a lovely manner. I started attending her classes six months ago to help alleviate stress and symptoms of menopause. Yoga has given me so much more than I expected, although my suppleness is a work in progress. I have learned how to breathe efficiently and subsequently relax more. Gillian has certainly had a positive influence on me, all I needed to bring was my mat and an open mind!