Charity Works!

when we dig deep into the pocket of our own humanity, we discover we are SO much more than we imagined...

Charity Works!

Tithing is the practise of regularly giving a percentage of one's income.  I first heard about this concept a long time ago, but I can still remember thinking how wonderful it would be, to have sufficient wealth to be confident of making a regular commitment to giving. I didn't entirely understand the dynamics!  In the years since then, I have made regular donations and given of my time and energy to various causes; but my kind of tithing is not just about money.   

My kind of giving is about donating time and energy, using your skill set; giving some space in your heart. My tithing is about giving, even if you're a tiny bit scared that you don't have enough; because giving nurtures a feeling of plenty, that begins to dissolve any feeling of lack.  Giving will bring wealth to your spirit and richness to your life, because when we genuinely dig deep into the pocket of our own humanity, we find that we are so much more than we could have possibly imagined.

Charitable endeavour is undoubtedly food for the soul.  What we give out, we receive back in spades in an endlessly sustainable cycle of giving and receiving. These are the charitable enterprises Mrs O currently champions.  Check them out, consider helping, or think about committing to a cause that is particularly close to your own heart; something that has special meaning to you.  I promise you, you won't regret it...