Mrs O

it's possible to live well and enjoy a little luxury without harming the earth, harming other people, or compromising your integrity...

Mrs O

Ooh... what to write, what to tell?

Perhaps I should begin with yoga because yoga (for those in the know) is more than a series of body movements or stretches; it is both a practice and an experience.  It is the practice of a philosophical discipline of which stretches are one element, and it is that satisfying and fulfilling experience of integration between body, mind and spirit, coupled with a feeling of harmony between oneself and the world.

And that's what Mrs O is all about really: it's about those things that we do, think,  feel, see, experience; that generate increasing fulfillment and satisfaction. And for me that process all began with the practice of yoga.

Searching for my dharma

As a child and young adult I was one of those pipe cleaner types who we dread meeting in yoga class because their natural bendiness can bring us face to face with our own feelings of inadequacy. (Not so now, I hasten to add because age, wisdom and the gaining of rather more weight has changed those dynamics somewhat). But as my friend James would say, I was only making shapes in air, and not really practicing yoga... I dipped in and out of classes, I read a lot, I was fascinated. A crisis in my early twenties lead me to explore meditation and that's when my practice really started. I was drawn to delve deeper into Vedic knowledge and the ancient philosophies of the east, consolidating a number of core beliefs and values that have remained with me ever since, shaping both my life and myself.

After spending a long time searching for my "dharma" I eventually found the law, (which continues to fascinate and inspire me) and it was at the Law school that I first became known for my recommendations! Fast forward a bit to when my two sons were very young and against all of my expectations and plans, I decided to put my prospective legal career on pause; I didn't feel I could do justice to all the bases I had to cover and I have never been one for doing anything half hearted.

I was born and grew up in a Yorkshire town, but rural life was always in my heart. By the time my children came along they were in the company of horses, dogs, cats, geese, chickens and sheep. Between the children and the livestock, Mummying was very much a full time job, so pausing on my career journey felt more like a necessity than an option. But that pause left a vacuum and we know how nature abhors a vacuum! It was filled when circumstances and serendipity took me on a detour to the British Wheel of Yoga and their teacher training program. It seemed a very enjoyable way to consolidate and develop my existing knowledge with a manageable sized challenge, while waiting to continue my legal studies. In fact it turned out to be no small commitment, because their course is quite in depth and 3 years long! And furthermore, I completely failed to take account of the impact it would have, on a number of different levels... The course and my commencement of teaching were evolutionary, life-changing.

Suffice to say that by the time I had completed the training I was well off piste and, armed with my BWY teaching diploma, a mixed bag of therapies, a love of sharing marvelous finds and a whole heap of ideas, I went to design consultancy "Holy Cow!" I had seen their work at close hand and if anyone could draw together my little bag of tricks under one brand it would be them....

P. S. I never did go back to the law and am currently studying for an MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS University of London; I have never been one to do things in half measures...

Sharing all things good and fabulous

And so I arrived at this website, which was born from the desire to share all the good and fabulous things I have discovered, and the treasures I have yet to find, on this journey that is my life. It is a living and dynamic incarnation of my philosophy and the hallmark of my lifestyle ethos.

I invite you to check out all my wonderful products, places, therapies and ideas. Anything adorned with my champion trophy comes with the Mrs Osborne seal of approval. That means it has been personally selected, hand-picked, tried, tested and is thoroughly recommended.

So; what does it take to get on my beautiful list?

Not surprisingly, it takes more than just beauty… My guiding principles are living well, being kind and celebrating uniqueness. So you will find me recommending a little luxury and indulgence, but ever mindful of cost, in ways other than money. I am all for fair-trade, but it goes without saying that top notch quality is also essential. And while I positively thrill at the quirky and unusual, there has to be more than just novelty. To be recommended as a must have, must do or must experience, it is not enough to be good; it must be outstandingly glorious!

It’s about being who you are

This website is not just about buying things, it's also about doing things and sometimes it's just about being who you are. I delight in promoting products with a heart and soul like Paddy & Scott's Coffee, but I also urge you to do more than shop! Be good to yourself, take some down time. Listen to what you need for your own health and well being. We all have inner wisdom, but you will struggle to hear it unless you make time for stillness. Allow yourself to be surprised at the depth of your own knowledge and notice how GOOD that makes you feel. Try some of my recommended therapies, BE a yogi!

But remember to give yourself permission to indulge. It's possible to live well and enjoy a little luxury without harming the earth, harming other people, or compromising your integrity. So live wisely but live well, treat yourself with kindness, and make things happen in your world. But let them be beautiful, worthwhile and enjoyable things, to nurture body and soul…