A Healthcare Revolution

... snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

A Healthcare Revolution

18th February 19

The NHS is in crisis.  With a population whose lifespan is increasing and a growing number of patients with multi-morbidity, funding is stretched beyond the limit.  On top of that there is now a worrying concern that this untenable situation is leading to a rise in stress amongst demoralised healthcare professionals.

But all is not lost because, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, the NHS have responded with what can only be described as a truly revolutionary concept and a significant breakthrough in the approach to healthcare.  In a move away from management of dis-ease they are focusing on holistic wellbeing and preventative measures with a social prescribing initiative.

A social prescription is an alternative to a medication prescription.  In practise this means that it will soon be possible to receive a course of yoga instead of a course of pills!  Realistically; it will provide for somebody suffering from insomnia or stress to learn meditation, attend yoga nidra sessions, or opt for reflexology or art therapy instead of medication.  

The government have committed to implementing this incredible but true initiative throughout the UK and in principle it should be available in all GP practices before 2020.  The precise way in which social prescriptions will be made available, and the opportunities for inclusion of yoga are still being discussed.  I have been invited to attend the next All Party Parliamentary Group on yoga as a representative of the British Wheel of Yoga and I hope to ensure that the British Wheel teachers, myself included, will be recognised.  Move over Mrs May!

NHS Social Prescribing