how evocative is this?  Illustrator wishes to remain anonymous....


12th April 20

We are in a global crisis, but the crisis is not coronavirus; this is a symptom, not the cause.  We now have covid-19.  We have had SARS, we have had the horse meat scare, we have had foot and mouth.  There is global and pandemic suffering to the earth and all of the life forms it supports. And many look the other way.  Children still die for lack of sanitation, clean water and basic healthcare.  People are traded as commodities.  The degradation of unhygienic animal markets and slaughterhouses would not exist in a world where basic dignity was accorded to all life. There is much to address in our world and looking the other way does not cut it any longer.  It never did.

And so yesterday I wept and today I still weep: for the earth; for the suffering of its peoples; for the lack of respect accorded to life in all its multifarious splendour; and for the collective global consciousness of humanity. 

But I don’t want to stay weeping.  It’s not too late for anyone to decide to be different and to stop looking the other way.  Let’s allow covid-19 to be the catalyst that leaves an indelible mark and drives authentic and heartfelt change.  We don’t all need to go vegan.  We need to go kind.  We need to go compassionate.  We need to look within and go thoughtful.  We need to stop the suffering.   Now.  And sometimes that will be at a cost to ourselves; but for a greater saving.  The saving of our souls and our conscience.  And the earth.

We can all make change.  The lockdown has proved that.  Governments the world over may not be leading in changing consciousness but each and every individual on this planet has a duty to act and we can all do that regardless of what legislation and governance is in place.  We can start today; we can make changes within ourselves and our own households and families.  And we can continue tomorrow.  And the day after.  And the day after that.  And we can simply keep going until we recover and reclaim the wonder and beauty of the earth and ourselves. And how do we do that?  We do it by re-evaluating our baseline, by rethinking our priorities and allowing our decisions to flow from that starting point.  And that’s a BIG decision in itself.  We don’t need to aim for big change; sometimes sweating the big stuff can be overwhelming so let’s sweat the small stuff.  I try to be kind, and if I fail, I try to apologise.  I think about where my food comes from, who makes my clothes.  I don’t use my car without thinking about it.  And maybe these are first world decisions, but we all need to operate from where we are.  There is no shame in being first world.  But there is a great deal to reproach ourselves for if we hide behind it and go through life blinkered.

We are all of us obligated to act responsibly and sustainably, regardless of our social situation.  I am not postulating idealistic fantasies that are accessible only to the privileged; changing a thought is within the reach of most.  And in any case; we can never know what lies beneath the apparent exterior of other people’s lives so let’s not judge.   Let’s release self-righteous opinions and welcome humility.  Embrace it, as another doorway to change and why not?  If we are being radical enough and courageous enough to do something about global suffering let’s bust open some other myths while we are about it and cultivate the idea that to one degree or another we all have the power to make change, in any situation.  Let's open our hearts and join together, moving forward from our beautifully different standpoints.

Today I still weep; but I also act and if we can move through this global, collective pain, taking small and positive steps there will, eventually, be an end to the suffering. Do something small today, because small becomes BIG and there is strength in unity.