Pure Pallets: pimpin since 2013

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Pure Pallets: pimpin since 2013

18th August 21

A tour of this website will reveal that I get up to quite a few different things; I enjoy what you'd probably call a portfolio career.  One of the hats I particularly relish wearing is that of creative director/advisor.  Shaping brands, helping companies not to improve what they have, but to allow who they are to really shine, is a service I am privileged to provide.  In that capacity I am often sourcing new and entrepreneurial products and ideas in order to synergise a company's image with other comparable brand ethics.

Never has it been more important to look to sustainability: conserve resources; repair instead of replace; reinvent in preference to discard, and it was in pursuit of that philosophy that I happened upon Pure Pallets in York.  A company that has grown on the back of its genuine success and popularity who, in their own words, have been "pimpin pallets since 2013".  They produce beautifully handcrafted products from reclaimed oak timbers, and I really do mean beautifully handcrafted.

Not only do they have an extensive range in their shop/workshop in York, but they are also able to craft items to order.  This is a truly bespoke service and one which is both a pleasure to use and to participate in.  The creation of something etirely new from something entirely old is multi staged involving a back and forth of ideas and information.  Everything is unique, and no two pieces are the same.  What a find!