Transcendental Meditation

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Transcendental Meditation

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Transcendental Meditation aids relaxation, relieves stress and brings increased physical and mental energy by giving profound rest to the whole system. To transcend means to go beyond, and this technique takes the mind beyond the surface level of thought to that very quiet settled state, where we can experience a deeper silence; a restful alertness. This process allows stress and tiredness to melt away, resulting in greater energy, clarity and enjoyment of life. It is a meditation technique that is particularly suited to the hectic nature of the modern lifestyle and its cumulative benefits can help to release deep rooted tensions and physical problems.

TM requires no effort or intellectual understanding. It is fundamentally different from other forms of meditation in that there is no concentration involved and you don't have to try and relax. It is a simple technique that anyone can learn, including children. There is no need for any particular belief system and it does not conflict with any religion or ideology. Practising it takes just 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably in silence with the eyes closed. Many people notice that the benefits of meditating and the improvement in their clarity of thinking and efficiency save them the time that it takes to practise the technique.

There has been no more rigorously tested and examined method of meditation than TM, and extensive studies indicate that it is profoundly effective in reducing stress and in improving overall health and wellbeing.  Taught by husband and wife team Leesha Gaffney and David Evans at The Gorgeous Granary TM courses begin with an introductory meeting, followed by teaching over 4 days and unlimited free follow ups.