Tranquility evenings

therapeutic relaxation to help you face the challenges of life with poise and grace...

Tranquility evenings

Thursdays 7.15pm - 8.15pm UK time by Zoom The Old Stables Studio by zoom £5 per session paid in advance in blocks of 4
Single taster sessions and gift vouchers available

Sessions are suitable for complete beginners

Tranquility evenings are all about finding a breathing space within a frantic world and a busy life.  Allowing yourself to take time out to recharge and replenish.  When we truly put the focus on nurturing ourselves, even a small act of self kindness can be profoundly powerful.  
If you are feeling stressed, over worked, exhausted, overwhelmed or pulled in all directions then Tranquility is for you.  It is restorative, rejuvenating and relaxing. Anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD or other trauma will be emotionally safe in this session and I am experienced at working with victims and survivors of abuse with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.  
Comfort is key because it's all about you.  You will need a blanket, a mat or something to lie on, a pillow and cushions or bolsters for behind your knees and ankles, and a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.
Make a positive and life affirming statement to yourself and choose to be your own priority for this one evening...

To book or enquire, get in touch:
t: 07880 545 545


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