Tranquility workshops

when we truly put the focus on nurturing ourselves, a small act of self kindness can be profoundly powerful...  

Tranquility workshops

Tranquility workshops are not yet available during lockdown and tiered restrictions The Old Stables Studio £15 per person
Workshops are 90 minutes in length
Available for small groups and very limited numbers

Suitable for complete beginners but I recommend you try a Tranquility evening first

A Tranquility workshop is an opportunity to explore your connection with yourself and experience a deeper resonance and harmony throughout your being.  If you want to take some time out to de-stress and unwind or just give yourself the space for nurturing "me time" a workshop gives you a bit more time to begin to relax into who you really are and connect more with your own energy.  Just like the evenings, workshops are restorative, rejuvenating and relaxing but they also include some one on one from me, meditation and sound therapy and optional use of ayurvedic oils.  
I am competent at managing mental health issues and anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD or other trauma will be emotionally safe in these workshops, and I am experienced at working with victims and survivors of abuse with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.  
Your comfort is key and you don't need to bring anything other than yourself, some loose and comfortable clothing and some socks.  If you do want to bring your own mat or anything you particularly like to use that's absolutely fine, but I have mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, towels, oils; the full works!

To book or enquire, get in touch:
t: 07880 545 545


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